Tuesday, November 2, 2010

High Grade 5-Piece Orange Drum Set

4 Sereis High-Grade 5-Piece Orange Drum Set DS-480OR with 4 Cymbals and Seat
* High-grade 5-PC drum set (Maple)
* Orange color
* Bass drum 22" x 16"
* Floor tom 16" x 16"
* Big tom 14" x 6.5"
* Small tom 13" x 11"
* Snare drum 12" x 10"
* 2 x High-hat cymbal 14" (far right)
* Bass Cymbal 10" (center of bass drum)
* Crash cymbal 16" (right)
* Ride cymbal 18" (left)

Included accessories
* Stool
* Foot Pedal

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

JeremyClementsRacing - Overhauled, Successful, Satisfied

JeremyClementsRacing.com has been a GREAT client. 6 Months ago a mutual friend introduced, Phyllis (JCRacing P.R.) and I. They came to me with a problem. Unfortunately, they had a "guy" build their website. To make a long story short, it was built using old school techniques and was very hard to update. Basically, they wanted a solution to their problems. I rebuilt their website using the latest web standards driven by a database. This included Search Engine Friendly URLs, XML Site map, Photo Gallery, Contact form and even a Featured Slider on their home page. I decided to go with a Editorial Style Layout due to the fact they issue press releases every week with the results of Jeremy Clements Races. The logo was designed by Nicole Vanasse, a fellow freelancer and also my cousin.

Phyllis and the Jeremy Clements Racing team decided to advance their web presence and Optimize their content for Search Engines. Prior to this project, they had very little traffic and next to zero Search Engine Traffic. 2 weeks after i redesigned their site, they had a PR2 and climbing. Currently they are averaging 60 unique visitors a day with 2,500 page. Soon their site will be upgraded to support transactions for Jeremy Clements apparel. Please check Jeremy Clements Racing for updates daily.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Introducing PlayMusicalKeys.com

I would like to Introduce a Clients website, Playmusicalkeys.com. PlayMusicalKeys.com is a leading Wholesaler of Quality Musical Instruments, Including Clarinets, Saxophones, Flutes, and Trumpets. Just to name a few. They also have a full line of Colored Instruments including Blue Instruments, Red Instruments, Green Instrumens and Purple Instruments.

PlayMusicalKeys.com States that It is Their mission to give young players the Keys to their start in music to make it possible for them to Play Musical Keys! They believe that Cecilio Musical Instruments produces quality horns out of ebonite (plastic), wood and brass and offers excellent service. As a dealer, They believe they offer these at the lowest prices available anywhere-well below manufacturers suggested retail price!

Welcome to a Freelance Web Developer's Blogger!

Thank you for visiting this blog. Basically, i am a freelance developer which has found the need to use Social Network Tools to promote my clients sites and products. As most (hopefully) Developers and SEO/SEM Experts may know, it is essential to use Social Networking and Blogging tools this day in age. By using Blogger, i intend to build some great "Link Juice" by Linking to and from this blog. A couple of Years ago Google and many other Search Engines decided to basically "Outlaw" Link Farming. Which is a good thing and a bad thing in my opinion. Unfortunately for web developers this is a bad thing. What are we going to do about linking to our clients site from our Portfolios and Showcases? Well...in a nutshell, that is what i am doing here! Everyone needs some good link juice in theirs lives!